MechWarrior Talo Momoe

Shadow Recruit Pilot


MechWarrior Talo Momoe is a Shadow Recruit graduate, who presently serves with * “The Dead Man’s Hand” as a support trooper. He is rated a Regular NPC MechWarrior, through hard work in the simulators and field trials, but also has interests in technical aspects of the Mechs and Communications technologies.


Talo Momoe was only an orphaned kid when he was adopted by techs in * “The Dingo Pack” during the final months of their time on System – Dunkelheim. He spent several years working as an AsTech, but eventually tested into the Shadow Recruits Program as a potential MechWarrior.

For his last year of studies, he shadowed LtJG Jena Malone “Rocket”, though some have said he was promoted too quickly, and still has a great deal to learn. The unit felt, however, that he would have the opportunity to learn more in the Mech he would eventually be assigned, and with the unit both short of pilots and having some time in cantonment, he would do well enough.

He worked hard all through 3025, eventually rating as a Regular pilot, and has since proven he was worthy of the responsibility he was given.

Following the unit’s contract with the Aurigan Restoration in late-3031, he was promoted to full MechWarrior.

MechWarrior Talo Momoe

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