Lieutenant Tatzel Holden

Lead Navigator of the Brazen Rover


Lieutenant Tatzel Holden is the second-in-command of the skeleton crew assigned to the “Brazen Rover”, and is considered a Regular NPC DropShip Officer, with a specialization in AeroSpace Navigation. She also has a passing knowledge of JumpShip Operations, but limited experience in DropShip combat operations.

One of the most open, friendly characters anyone could hope to meet, Tatzel has quickly shown herself to be level-headed and calm under even the most stress imaginable. She has spent a great deal of time with those among the group who were assigned to bridge duties, namely Varick Ellery Helmut, and has proven to be intelligent, cheerful and very active. She has the habit of seeing the good in everyone, and balances it with a good sense of humour.

Many simply describe her with the words “Trim, taut and terrific”.


Little is known about her origins, though she obviously graduated from * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences own DropShip Command Program and served at least a term in the merchant marines of * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Lieutenant Tatzel Holden

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