Tech Aaron Birkoff

Computer Tech of the Iron Dingoes C&C Group


A skilled computer operator, Tech Aaron Birkoff has a marked knowledge of programming and computer operations. He also has displayed a knowledge of guns and some martial arts work.

Tech Birkoff is a Regular Computer Tech NPC. He is noted as having interests in “…modern cinematic docu-dramas…”, and is a resident expert in identifying various rare vehicles and BattleMechs not usually found in traditional “Warbook” programs available to BattleMech T&T arrays.

Tech Birkoff is also a member of *"The Werewolves", and serves as their communications and computers expert. Though not very skilled in most military matters, his skills have value that demand his inclusion in the unit.


Originally hired as a technical lead to work with the Ground Technical Group, he was moved into the new C&C Group, since it needed a couple skilled computer operators, and he was available. Typical among what one might call “technorats”, he keeps to himself and doesn’t bother others.

Tech Aaron Birkoff

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