Scout Abigail Breslin "Winter"

Scout of the Iron Dingoes


Scout Abigail Breslin, or “Winter”, is a young woman who qualified as a trooper, despite her young age, and has since proven to be a capable scout, assigned to * The Blood Raiders. In her duties, she has been assigned a Swift Wind Scout Car.

Winter is technically classified as a Regular NPC Scout. She has numbered as one of the top senior students during repeated testing in the Cub Scout Games, and possesses a full kit of Iron Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kit as a result. In addition to her work in survival training, she has displayed a definite skill as a sniper. She also owns a very high-tech laser sniper rifle, a gift from her first mentor, Wraith.


The younger sister of LtJC Krista Breslin “BT”, Winter has always traipsed after her big sister, who has always kept them alive and on the move. Winter lived two extremes; pop-loving rockstar wannabee, or bow-toting lone hunter. One day, she would settle for a single “occupation”, eventually leaning towards “soldier”.

Formerly serving as an AsTech in the motor pool of the Iron Dingoes’ “Dingo Pack”, “Winter” proved to have a few other talents and skills. Winter soon begun to excel at survival training (mostly under the watchful eyes of Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith” ), and has shown a skill at arms with archaic weaponry and small arms.

In 3022, she served an apprenticeship in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, under Captain Paula “Kaliente” Perez, and refined many of her talents in survival and sniper work as a result. In late-3023, she was assigned to * The Blood Raiders. She has served with that unit ever since.

Scout Abigail Breslin "Winter"

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