Tech Alexander Talbot "Elminster"

Skilled technician in the Dingo Pack


Tech Alexander “Alex” Talbot is a lead tech, serving in the Dingo Pack of the Iron Dingoes support staff.

Tech Talbot is a Regular MechTech NPC. In addition to his quiet ways, he has proven to be an amateur artist, and sometimes writes novellas and short tales, but has never achieved great success.

His dependent sister, Jordan serves with him in his technical team.


Little is known about Tech Talbot, but he was the last technician hired during the last-ditch effort by the Dingoes to acquire a few more Techs before they had to leave the planet.

In the weeks since, he has proven to be a capable technician and something of an artist, doing metal scroll-work and sometimes airbrush graffiti as Mech details. Whenever he completes a task, everyone knows it was him, because of the oddly artistic way in which he does his repairs, always leaving his symbol (a smoking pipe) on his work. He also writes, but nothing that has ever been published.

Alex serves as lead tech in charge of MechWarrior Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” maintenance for the unit’s BL-6kj-KNT Black Knight BattleMech. He is assisted by a young boy named Aziz, who is an orphaned dependent from the Dingo Pack, and a young teenage girl that he brought along claiming she was his dependent sister, AsTech Jordan Talbot “Trouble”.

Tech Alexander Talbot "Elminster"

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