Tech Anna Vansen

Technician of the Dingo Pack


Technician Anna Vansen is a fairly capable technician, and qualifies as a Regular MechTech NPC. Her skills are likely to earn her a promotion very soon. In addition to her skills and training, she can operate as a mechanic and is known to have basic WorkMech piloting and Driver skills. Tech Vansen serves as the lead on Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”s Wolverine, assisted by Tech Tanner Carzyn.

Her sisters include her older twin sister Lieutenant JG Shane “Queen of Diamonds” Vansen, and Tech Lorelai Vansen “Rory”, her younger. She also has a daughter, Monica.


Tech Anna Vansen spent her adolescence serving in the munitions factory of the Deadwood Munitions Plant on Claybrooke. She quickly took the task of working the main assembly line as a child laborer, but after a year proved to be capable at doing basic maintenance and repair, and was promoted to full technician. Although she had a respectable position, she was still brutally treated by many guards, and when the time came to flee the facility with her sisters, she did so.

Anna continued serving as a technical lead in the Snow Dusters, until that unit was absorbed and she was placed in the Ground Technical Group of the * “The Dingo Pack”, quickly taking the lead of one of its squads. She often worked on the equipment of Cerberus Command, especially its armor units. Now serving the Line Mechs as head of Kitsune’s personal tech squad, she has proven to be a very sharp individual and has recently achieved the title of “Senior Tech”.

Although the trio of sisters are friendly, she and Shane serve on separate ships and under different commands, and have little daily contact with each other. Anna tries to keep an eye on her younger sister, Rory, who serves in a different technical squad, but they rarely work together or see each other either. Anna recently moved into assigned Tech’s quarters, to serve as the lead in Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”s technical team. She sees more of her younger sister Rory than Shane, but still keeps in touch with both.

Perhaps the most important aspect of her life is her young daughter, Recruit Monica Vansen. Monica’s father remains unknown at this time, but it has to have been someone among the technical teams or crews of the Snow Dusters. Monica was the first new-born child in the Iron Dingoes since its inception, and is quickly being followed by a handful other children who face a future serving with the mercenary company as their life and family.

Tech Anna Vansen

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