Tech Brandis Turgan

Computer Tech


A somewhat rat-faced young man, Tech Brandis Turgan is a slight man, seemingly stooped in front of a console at all times. He keeps a poor hygiene regimen, and wears constantly grubby coveralls, with his data-pad in his hands at all times. His pockets are always stuffed with electronics and fine-work tools.

He spent much of his free-time alone, tearing apart electronic components and scavenging the parts for various other projects.

Brandis is a Regular Tech NPC, with a specialty of Computers (Natural Aptitude and Veteran Rating).


Tech Brandis Turgan was little more than a computer hacker masquerading as a technician with the Marik 3rd Militia – until he was caught stealing from a gang serving the crime lord Mombassa. He was discovered, captured, and brought before their local leader, a wily diplomat and minor nobleman in the Andurien court, who saw the value in having a thief and informer in the Militia, so he allowed him to go, on the condition that he regularly report back to the Mombassa Cartel with interesting news and classified data otherwise unavailable.

When the rumors of the upcoming defections of military forces loyal to Anton, Brandis let that information slip to his paymasters, and he kept them appraised right up until the Militia’s capture on Park Place. He surprisingly was contacted soon thereafter by Mombassa’s men (even while in prison!), and told to pay attention to things, and report back any valuable information to a contact on the planet Herotitus. These updates were to be sent via HPG, – something which seemed impossible at the moment. Brandis’ access to comms was obviously restricted, and message drones were impossible, so he had no idea what they wanted or how to fulfill his mandate. He continued to amass information while on {{:pilpala]], but the destruction of The Ice Hook, changed that.

_Brandis was “recovered” along with his companions on System – Pilpala during the Iron Dingoes raid on the hidden air-base near the Orion Corporate mining complex. He was promptly chosen by Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” as his personal tech, and began heading a small technical team taking care of Advocate’s personal Mech. He was just as surprised when he was contacted by someone from the Mombassa Cartel while en-route to System – Heroditus, and told to immediately start sending reports, or he would be killed.

Brandis kept himself busy messing with any scrap electronics and computers available, his personal specialty is as a tech, but used every means at his disposal to try and drop the Mombassa Cartel information. In his spare time, he amassed information and data that interested him, and cobbled together a sub-space comm in his quarters from cannibalized and salvaged components. He confided in no one and spent his spare time buried in front of a computer screen as much as possible. Whenever he had the chance, he would send information via HPG to his contact, until the unit spent several months on System – Dunkelheim, but was promptly contacted again upon reaching Joshua’s Station, where he sent another packet of information.

During their contract on System – Dumassas, a random systems test of all Line Combat Mechs by Captain Michael Anderson “Fixer”, his “sabotage” of Advocate’s Mech’s comms sytem was identified, and Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” himself realized the source of the components making-up the bug were likely his own tech. During the resulting interrogation, Brandis spilled the tale of his owing money to the Mombassa Cartel, and how they wanted to kill him if he didn’t send them information. Eventually he was put on trial (defended by his own pilot, Advocate), and found guilty by the tribunal when the trial was unable to completely exonerate him.

While the unit remained on garrison of System – Dumassas, he was originally serving his sentence aboard “Star Talon”, watched over by the unit’s MPs in their prison facility. Without access to a computer or other “toys” he seemed to be in something akin to his own version of hell. Eventually, his skills with computers brought him back into the unit’s attention, and he began doing high-security work (under guard) for the unit, usually under the direct attentions of (then Major) Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”.

In the years since, he is often simply referred to as “The Boy” in private memos, spends most of his time aboard “The Freedom of the Stars” working on various priority projects, namely investigating Chip 10987, and trying to identify its purposes and properties, and most recently, working on hacking the navigation database taken from “The Iron Vagabond”, and downloaded into Data Core – Decimator 397. Through it all, he seems thoroughly engrossed in his work, and enjoys the special projects under his control. For the first time, he seems happy…

Tech Brandis Turgan

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