Executive Secretary Caitlin Haverlein


The CEO of * “The Skunkwerks”, Executive secretary Caitlin Haverlein is a long-term technican of the Iron Dingoes, who now heads that civilian technical organization.

She is considered a Veteran Support NPC. She is also a Veteran Administration NPC, well-versed in Computers and Bureaucracy. She speaks numerous languages passingly well, and has many contacts in various logistics companies across The New Republic of Sangria.


Caitlin Haverlein was originally the chief technical adviser for the Capellan Mechworks Section (CMS), covering supply procurement, contract negotiations and Accounts. The sensitive nature of her work in the CMS, Caitlin had to be both of high security clearance and from an impeccable background. Well-paid, she appreciated her work, but had difficulty procuring their supplies at times, especially while trapped on System – Patriarch.

Following her and the CMS capture on System – Corodiz, she was offered a position as administrative lead for the research group, and accepted. Operating as Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie”’s right hand administrator, she and her small staff ensure equipment, parts and supplies were acquired and distributed to the appropriate departments, something that could prove rather difficult.

In late-3031, she was approached with an offer of taking the direct helm of the entire * “The Skunkwerks” operation, and accepted. On December 25th, 3031, the organization was incorporated as an independent entity, officially taking contracts with the Iron Dingoes and other entities for military research. In truth, the company retained much of its internal make-up and technical structure, but did begin to actively pursue a variety of civilian technologies and other non-military contracts after this time.

She remains based from “The Factory”, where she maintains offices, and is often in consultation with Doctor (Major) Delphine Young, a long-time personal friend.

Executive Secretary Caitlin Haverlein

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