Senior Tech Daniel Dugans

General Mech and Aero Tech


Daniel Dugans is a Regular AeroTech NPC.

He has recently risen to lead the AeroTechs in the “Dingo Pack”, and has proven capable in the recent constant sorties the Aeros under the Dingoes have been forced to run.


Dan remains unarmed, since he feels it would only make him a target for some trigger-happy Mechjock to shoot him, if he ever gets captured and forced to join another command. Whenever faced with combat, he tends to run and hide. He always wears a set of work coveralls, with a flight jacket one of his fighter pilots “gave” him. The pockets and tool bag over his shoulder are always packed with his neccessary tools, and he has a small datapad for Mech and Aero specs taken through diagnostic computers.

Tech Dugans heads a squad in the “Dingo Pack”, serving in the Ground Technical Group, often helping maintain the unit’s AeroFighters above other tasks.

Senior Tech Daniel Dugans

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