Tech Ginney McRiven "Trigger"

Support Tech


Tech Ginney “Ginn” McRiven is a technical expert and engineer who has a long history of service in the 13th Provisional Company. Skilled in demolitions and other engineering tasks, Ginn is very much a techncian first, but has recently developed hand-to-hand and small arms skills (namely pistols and SMGs) that give her an edge above her companion techs.

Tech Ginney McRiven is a Regular NPC Military Engineer. She serves in the Dingo Pack’s Ground Technical Group as a field repair tech, but is also a member of * “The Werewolves”. In this latter unit, she is their engineering and demolitions specialist, with the call-sign of “Trigger”.


Ginn was recruited into the 3rd Marik Militia at a young age, when she displayed a technical talent. Her family was threatened and she served out of fear. Eventually she found a home of sorts among its members, but when the rebellion began to fall apart, and her supervisor Sergeant Dannik again threatened her, she took matters into her own hands and shot him with her sidearm.

Having spent a year in the Marik Aero Service on Pilpala had made her long for “the old days”, when the unit was together again. The appearance of the 13th Provisonal Company and their rescue efforts has tied her closely to the Iron Dingoes with an almost fanatical loyalty.

In the years since leaving Marik space, she has developed her hand-to-hand skills, and is often seen practicing with the “Danger Girls” when her duties in the Ground Technical Group allow.

Her experiences accompanying a commando force into Depot 519, and again during the taking of The Starlight Seduction nearly resulted in her death, forcing her into convalescence for nearly a month aboard the Dingoes Den both times. Despite these events, she remains determined to get over it, and has taken an even further interest in hand-to-hand combat and small arms.

She had a relationship with Lieutenant JG Edmund Graves “Gunny”, though she has since moved on and is rumored to be dating LtJG Alexander Calvin. She gained the call-sign “Trigger”, following her demolition of the governmental palace in San Succi.

Tech Ginney McRiven "Trigger"

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