Tech Harvey Garvin "Tallahasse"

Lead Truck Driver of 1st Squad


Known as “The Hick” by some, he prefers to be called “Tallahasse” by most.

Tallahasse is a Veteran Vehicle Operator NPC. He leads the first squad of drivers in the Dingo Pack’s Support Technical Group.

A good leader, he is proficient with various small arms, and keeps up his driving skills constantly.


“Tallahasse” lost his young son and wife to Colonel Chestine’s regime, and spent several years working as a foundry hauler in Deadwood, before “The Big Break”, when the Iron Dingoes raided the facility. He followed the unit into exile off-world, if only because he had no other option, and nothing tying him to Claybrooke anymore.

He tends to “armor-up” his vehicles, often welding ram plates and other items to improve his ability to get through obstacles and road-blocks. Although find of his shotguns and heavy caliber pistols, he is more complicated than one might think, with a devious sense of humor and a cunning you might not expect from a “simple hick driver”.

An important lead member of the unit’s “Driving Squads”, he tends to take the lead in discussions and easily directs others when in convoys or placed in other leadership roles. He has charisma and a force of personality, that just makes you appreciate him and his simple perspective on life. His personal motto, “Enjoy the Little Things”.

Tech Harvey Garvin "Tallahasse"

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