Senior Tech Howard Paderewski

Logistics Support Tech


Howard Paderewski is a Regular Logistics Support NPC, and can act as lead to a technical squad, acting as a Regular Tech NPC.

He tends to give direction to the Dingoes administrative squad, under the command of Lieutenant SG Jessa Dajus-Marik and the rest of the command staff.


Originally from Terra, Senior Tech Paderewski is the archtypical short, tough kid who seems to turn up in any small military unit. He is, by his own words, an “operator” and expends considerable effort and skill in evading rules and making money.

His apparent greed stems from his image of success, which is directly related to how much money a person makes, or how much influence he holds. Since it’s obvious he’d never become rich as a tech on Terra, he headed into the “New Frontier” and wound up working as a mercenary Tech for the 3rd Marik Miltia after a few years. He saw this as an opportunity to get into a position as an operator and make money through spare parts sales and establish contacts to help him. The fall of the 3rd Marik Militia ruined everything.

Senior Tech Paderewski does, however, have a seemingly incredible knowledge of contacts and places to get things one can’t find anywhere else – “I know a guy how can get it for you, for the right price”, is a common statement. In the present group, he is the best known source of clandestine liquor.

Senior Tech Paderewski serves the command staff directly, often running supply requests to Paladin or his assistant Lt. (SG) Jessa Dajus-Marik, or generally filing paperwork for the senior members of the command staff.

Senior Tech Howard Paderewski

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