Tech Isabella Farron

Troubled Teen


Fifteen year-old Isabella “Bella” Farron is a quiet teen girl.

Bella is a Green NPC Medical Specialist.

Bella has enlisted under Lieutenant SG Jenna Seedar, and makes a big difference to the unit.


“Bella” is the youngest daughter of the noble House Farron clan, of Lyran space. While most teenage girls might be interested in fashion or boys, Bella has always been interested in books, and has shown an ability with medical training, seeking to be a paramedic in her advanced education. Shy and somewhat insecure, she has been the “quiet one” in her family for many years, and has shown little interest in sports, music or other similar activities.

Bella’s strengths, however, are deeper, since she is mature, selfless and compassionate. She tends to put the feelings and needs of others before herself, and hides her personal fears to keep others “comfortable”.

Bella was travelling home from her training school in the Magistracy of Canopus, when her Jumpship was attacked and captured by pirates operating out of the Cappellan Marches. She disappeared for a year, though her sister, Baroness Claire Farron “Baroness” eventually traced the pirates trail to Claybrooke, and found her in a foundry in the town of Deadwood; though it cost her own freedom as a result.

She has since attached herself to the “Dingo Pack”, serving as a medic in their Field Medical Group.

Tech Isabella Farron

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