Tech Janet Pearson

Fusion Tech


Tech Janet Pearson is a modestly talented fusion engine tech, who serves aboard “Relentless” as a fusion tech. She often accompanies Senior Tech Katherine Bolivar in her duties, and travels throughout the fleet as needed. She is a Regular NPC Fusion Tech.


Tech Pearson was a former fusion engine tech aboard the Interstellar Queen, and was retained as an LC by the Star Talons after capture because of these skills. She managed to avoid the worst of the pirate’s attentions because of her protection by Senior Tech Ralston Allen, a skilled fusion engine tech aboard the The Starlight Seduction. It was said he even killed to keep her safe, but she did everything she could to avoid and discourage him…

She has proven loyal, bright, amiable and talkative; everyone who meets her seems to like her. Attached to the * “The Dingo Pack”, she resides aboard the “Relentless”, and acts as Senior Tech Katherine Bolivar’s assistant.

Tech Janet Pearson

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