Tech Jeyne Tull

Former Comstar Acolyte


Jeyne Tull is a former acolyte from Comstar who was captured by pirates in a raid and forced into indentured service as a comms tech. She has a working knowledge of HPGs.

A Regular Communications Technician NPC, her knowledge of HPG relays is a unique talent that is not often called upon outside that illustrious corporation. She was initially placed in a care-ward aboard “Blood Rock”, to undergo some psyhce-evals and physical therapy to bring her back to proper health, but has since been released, and works aboard “The Freedom of the Stars” bringing the ship’s HPG back on line, and maintaining it after centuries of abandonment.


Having been saved from a potential life of abuse and horror at the hands of who knows what, Tech Tull serves the Iron Dingoes as an HPG tech, aboard “The Freedom of the Stars”. Indeed, she spends countless hours peacefully floating next to “…the holy generator…”, tinkering with its circuitry and working on maintaining it, while looking out the nearest porthole. Above all else, she appreciates the serenity of silence and solitude. When engaging others, she seems to keep her eyes down-cast, and deals with the necessities before retiring to her private realm among the circuits and power conduits of the HPG housing.

In late-3030, she spent some time near Garrison, enjoying the solitude of the deep forests with her guardian Templar and her adopted brother Senior Tech Hunter, though it was difficult for her in the gravity well, and much of her time was spent with crutches. Nonetheless, she seemed to appreciate the experience, and has since been back to improving her physical capabilities, in hopes she might revisit the planet again.

In 3031, she and “Solo” spent nearly a year working together, and formed a fast bond. The two continue to communicate with each other over long-range (and encrypted) communications on a regular basis, and are considered fast friends, practically the only companionship either maintains.

Tech Jeyne Tull

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