Tech John "Kings" Lockheart

Support Logisitics Tech


John Lockheart is a Regular Support NPC. He works closely as an assistant to “Pockets”, maintaining supply and consummable levels.


Like many techs, John Lockheart considers himself an “operator”. His area of expertise is not in establishing contacts, but rather in gambling. He searches constantly for “fresh blood”, but only as a means of finding new victims to his skill at cards. His honesty has been vociferously challenged on numerous occaisions, but he has never been proven a cheat.

“Kings” is not, in fact a card cheat, but has a very good memory for cards, faces and numbers. This talent stands him in good stead in all his efforts at the various forms of poker he knows. He is a native Marik, and sees little value in “Capellan scum” or “Steiner trash”, as he puts it… his feelings regarding Periphery folk, however are un-repeatable…

“Kings” still suffers from various injuries taken while in the Orion Prison Complex on Pilpala. Though it doesn’t cause much concern, it has slowed down his activities from before his stay at Pilpala.

Kings acts as an assistant to the Unit S-4 (Supply and Logistics) officer Senior Trooper Dominic Haugustus “Pockets”, providing needed controls over assets of the Dingoes, though he finds it difficult to overcome the “Storage Issue”, since their DropShip is woefully over-packed with salvage. He has proven helpful and trustworthy in this endeavor.

Tech John "Kings" Lockheart

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