Master Tech Joseph Marakov

Senior AsTech of the Iron Dingoes


Master Tech Joseph Marakov led his own squad in the Ground Technical Group of * “The Dingo Pack” for many years, and in mid-3023 was promoted to Master Tech, and given control over all AsTechs across the entire unit. Long overshadowed by his older brother Lt SG Thadeus Marakov, he now oversees the civilian temporary workers hired by the unit on contract, as well as its numerous dependent AsTechs, and sees the value in his calling, as well as valuing his independence.

Joseph is a Veteran General Tech NPC, with a specialization in fusion engines. He is a superb technician, and oversaw many of the AsTechs assigned to the company in duty missions for years. He speaks English, Polish and a little German, but has little to say of civility to anyone in any language.

His single weakness seems to be a generalized hatred of people and authority, other than his brother. He is a grumbler who does not go out of his way to pick fights, but who doesn’t avoid them either. He especially hates anyone who tries to order him into anything that doesn’t involve his standard repair regimens or patterns of behavior. He long thought little of any dependents attached to the unit, calling them “…a pack of old folks and squalling brats…” but has since rethought his views, and now has come to see many of them as his extended family.

He resists any suggestions to alter the basic load-outs on any units under his direct supervision, even in the interest of improving its tech-level. He can, however, be won over if their pilot or crews have good tech skills themselves, in which case, he might better see the reasoning behind the suggestions, as the two can then speak the same language.


Once a technician in the Shipil Company factories on Skye, he was recruited by his older brother during a stay in a planetary prison where he’d been sent for unionist efforts and “hooliganism” in the early 3000s. He has come to a difference of opinion on many subjects with officers in the company, but has shown loyalty to the unit as his only family. Always something of a misanthrope, with a dim view of people who think they can order him around. His friendship with his brother is old and deep, however, and he respects his brother to the point he’s one of the few who can “order” him to do something, if he sees the value in it.

In mid-3023 he took command over the entire unit’s diverse AsTech force., and received promotion to Master Tech, the highest NCO position available to a technician. He maintains an office in the * Landhold : Garrison fortress, where he co-ordinates all aspects of his calling. What little free time he has, involves dealing with interviews and hiring new mechanics and drivers for the support of the various units of the Dingoes. He also continues to work with his brother Lt SG Marakov on a fairly regular basis.

Master Tech Joseph Marakov

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