Tech Jaqueline Nought "Jack"

Salvage Tech


Tech Jaqueline Nought is a minor, but knowledgeable technician, who serves with the Dingo Pack’s salvage squads.

Her appearance is extremely different from most in the unit – Tech Nought is mostly bald, and practically every inch of her skin is covered in tattoos. She also wears revealing clothing, and revels in the looks she sometimes gets from people who are not familiar with her – some are in reference to various activities she has been involved in.

Tech Nought is a Regular MechTech NPC.


Originally serving with the “Outback Irregulars” mercenary unit, Tech Nought was absorbed by the Iron Dingoes during the later months of their operations on System – Claybrooke. Taken along with around a dozen other techs, she has been known to be a “philisophical thorn” in everyone’s side, espousing some unique views on technology and its uses, but does her job competently.

In recent years, she has taken a particular interest in berating Glamour and her tech crews, as large swaths of salvaged machines are being broken into their component parts, sold and used to keep the line units operational. The rest of the salvage crews have no complaint about her, though she tends to keep to herself, and is sometimes seen in the company of another minor Tech, also picked up on Claybrooke.

Tech Jaqueline Nought "Jack"

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