Tech Mithra Delgado

FIeld Agent for Field Operations


Mithra Delgado is a civilian recruited to act as a local field intelligence operative for the Iron Dingoes. She is considered a Regular NPC Intelligence Operative,she serves in the Field Operations division of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, and holds a position as a field agent, with a rank of “Tech”, simply because of her origins as a civilian.

Speaking Spanish, English and some French, in addition to her training in the local college in drama, she is a natural dancer and singer. Her hand-to-hand skills are very rudimentary, so she is known to carry a light hold-out pistol and a couple knives on her at all times.


Mithra was born the daughter of a hairdresser and a technician/mechanic, who served the local Guardia Civilia in The District of Garcia. The oldest of three siblings (Eduardo and Monica, a singer and an actress), she spent most of her simple childhood being raised by her grandmother.

Early on she concentrated on dance and music, and by the age of eleven became interested in movies, acting in plays and singing. Mithra was 15 when she was hired by a regional holo broadcaster to host “La Quinta Marcha”, a show marketing music, fashion and popular lifestyles to teenagers. She was extremely popular in her age group, and hosted the show until she was 22, when she went away to college. She studied acting, drama and Spanish, before tragedy struck.

In 3015, both her parents disappeared in the middle of the night, and were never heard or seen again. Though her brother and sister insisted she let it drop, Mithra spent every contact and resource at her disposal to try and find what had happened. Eventually, she learned enough to blame the Guardia Civilia, and the local government, for having retaliated against her father’s outspoken views.

She found herself without friends or money, ostracized from the very society that had supported her, and spent a couple years singing in dive bars and doing whatever else she could to make ends meet. She remained staunchly anti-Sangrian, hating the government, but scared of raising her voice, and kept a low enough profile to ensure her siblings were still safe. In the midst of this chaos in her life, agents from * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” approached her and quickly recruited her as an agent in the Field Operations division.

Mithra had been the local expert studying the Guardia Civilia and its leaders, and monitored their activities, performing at bars popular among the local security forces, and weeding information for her new employers. She saw it as an opportunity to get back at them for all they’ve taken from her. She had no real loyalty to the district, and chose leave with the Iron Dingoes when their contract ended. She continues to serve as a general agent for the Field Intelligence division, with a cover as a singer/performer.

Tech Mithra Delgado

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