Senior Tech (Intelligence) Mithra Angelica Delgado "Enderman"

FIeld Agent for Field Operations


Tech (Intelligence) Mithra Angelica Delgado is a civilian recruited to act as a local field intelligence operative for the Iron Dingoes. She is considered a Veteran NPC Intelligence Operative, she serves in the Field Operations division of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”.

Speaking Spanish, English, and some French, in addition to her training in the local college in drama, she is a natural dancer and singer. Her hand-to-hand skills are very rudimentary, so she is known to carry a light hold-out pistol and a couple knives on her at all times.

Mithra has a younger sister Mónica Delgado Sánchez, who is a part-time actress and dancer, but has achieved some success in designing handbags and jewelery for local distribution. A civilian, she lives in Ciudad Garcia with her husband who works as a simple construction worker with Grupo Odinsa and the couple’s young daughter Sofia, born in 2021.

Mithra herself, remains unattached, and keeps her social life rather quiet, though she visits Ciudad Garcia whenever possible. She is known in the unit’s intelluigence circles by the codename, “Enderman”.


Mithra was born the daughter of a hairdresser and a technician/mechanic, who served the local Guardia Civilia in The District of Garcia. The oldest of three siblings (Eduardo and Monica, a singer and an actress), she spent most of her simple childhood being raised by her grandmother.

Early on she concentrated on dance and music, and by the age of eleven became interested in movies, acting in plays and singing. Mithra was 15 when she was hired by a regional holo broadcaster to host “La Quinta Marcha”, a show marketing music, fashion and popular lifestyles to teenagers. She was extremely popular in her age group, and hosted the show until she was 22, when she went away to college. She studied acting, drama and Spanish, before tragedy struck.

In 3015, both her parents disappeared in the middle of the night, and were never heard or seen again. Though her brother and sister insisted she let it drop, Mithra spent every contact and resource at her disposal to try and find what had happened. Eventually, she learned enough to blame the Guardia Civilia, and the local government, for having retaliated against her father’s outspoken views.

She found herself without friends or money, ostracized from the very society that had supported her, and spent a couple years singing in dive bars and doing whatever else she could to make ends meet. She remained staunchly anti-Sangrian, hating the government, but scared of raising her voice, and kept a low enough profile to ensure her siblings were still safe. In the midst of this chaos in her life, agents from * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” approached her and quickly recruited her as an agent in the Field Operations division.

Mithra had been the local expert studying the Guardia Civilia and its leaders, and monitored their activities, performing at bars popular among the local security forces, and weeding information for her new employers. She saw it as an opportunity to get back at them for all they’ve taken from her. She had no real loyalty to the district, and chose leave with the Iron Dingoes when their contract ended. She continues to serve as a general agent for the Field Intelligence division, with a cover as a singer/performer.

For some years, she had been relatively independent in her operations, conducting small tours of secondary bars and nightclubs, though she opened for her companion Senior Tech (Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos a couple times early in that agent’s rise. She quietly worked her way through the military bars, gaining contacts and gathering information regarding troop movements, eventually leading to the discovery of mercenary operations among separatists in the northern portions of San Isabel, and a series of lightning raids by the Iron Dingoes to eliminate their threat to the national government, along with a number of captured DropShips. She was promoted to Senior Tech (Intel) after this affair, and given control of a small team.

Following that operation, she was recalled, and spent time working through various records in the unit’s control, as well as the national archives in Sangria, though those records proved useless. Unable to access any records in San Marcos, with the nuclear destruction of the capital, she was sent to The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, and spent several years trying to access the most ancient records of the former world capital, though such searches proved both daunting and difficult. In late-3030, she and her small team were able to gain access to a restricted data storage site under the control of Armadyne Industries, which yielded some new and interesting information regarding the ancient Taurian garrison force of the planet during its tenure as the capital of the Dumassas Union.

Enderman discovered in an anceint data storage device in Von Doom, a reference regarding the *Dumassas Legionaires, the four (4) BattleMech regiments comprising the IV Corps Brigade of the TDF prior to its destruction at the hands of the SLDF. In the years leading up to the Vandenburg Rebellion, this force had been chronically short of parts, machines and equipment, to the point it was operating at 50% of its listed strength.

She discovered records marking a series of shipments of BattleMechs, namely Taurian TR-A-6 Toros and _RWR PX-3R Phoenixs, were being routed through the Taurian IV Corps Brigade holdings on “Baltar”, site of the present System – Star Forge. This spurred some investigation, leading to the homeworlds of the various regiments of the Corps, which pointed to Leh, the ancient homeworld of the 12th Dumassas Legionaires, a world now known as System – Tarsus; the origin and homeworld of Excalibur Corporation. She and her team were quickly uprooted, and shipped out to that system to investigate matters further.

She and her team returned to Dumassas in 3038, with a report that did not match their expectations; she did not discover the source of the machines, but did discover that the origin history of Excalibur Corporation was not what was generally accepted. The appearance of the 3rd Regiment of the 151st Royal Battlemech Division about three hundred years ago was somewhat clouded by the mists of time, but deep records of the era could be located to the team. Searching for the connection between that and any reports of the Star Leagues discoveries on the planet, led them to research these origins, and the discovery that the 3rd Regiment wasn’t from the SLDF; it was a former Rim World’s Republic unit that had provided technical support to New Vandenburg Rebellion’s forces. Commandeering transports from the 151st RBD, they brought their troop complements, families and a mountain of military stores, and landed on distant Tarsus to found a new home.

According to the spotty records unearthed, the unit established a base somewhere in the outer reaches of the system, likely one of the moons of the jovian Erdemli, where they concealed their identities and arranged for the settlement of their forces and families on Tarsus. Claiming their homeworld now had a high radiation count, and seeking a peaceful life far from the Inner Sphere’s strife, which was fundamentally true, they were accepted, weapons and supplies changed hands, and the group acquired the marginal plains known today as the district of Regiment. Their colony has since risen to become just another part of the Tarsus mosaic of people and industry.

Following her report, plans were made to begin a survey of these outer moons on Tarsus, likely using “The Freedom of the Stars” and its special forces division, accompanied by several of the new Iron DIngoes Diplomatic Corps for guidance. She and her team are presently un-assigned and enjoying some downtime.

Senior Tech (Intelligence) Mithra Angelica Delgado "Enderman"

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