Major Petros Vagarez

Leader of "Garrison's Own" Militia


Major Petros Vagarez is a sole surviving member of the original Sangrian Military, 4th Battalion to be found in The District of Garcia. His family lives in the nearby village, and he now serves the local militia as its leader, though now under Iron Dingoes direction.

Major Vagarez is a Regular Logistics NPC, and a Green Officer NPC.


Major Vagarez Once served the Sangrian military HQ as a logistics clerk, was transferred to Garrison, married a local, and considered himself settled. When the local garrison commander was assassinated six months prior to meeting the Iron Dingoes (3018), and the bulk of the locals deserted their posts, he alone remained because he had his family here, and ultimately believed he could make a life among the locals.

He is presently the lead officer of The 4th Motorized Infantry Battalion, Sangrian Army – “Garrison’s Own”, controlling that force as a garrison troop in The District of Garcia. His purge of the local military was a preliminary action in securing the province before a civil war and coup paved the way for invasion from outside the nation of Sangria

Major Petros Vagarez

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