Tech Petros Vagarez

Surviving support tech of the Sangrian Army


Tech Petros Vagarez is a sole surviving member of the Sangrian Military to be found in The District of Garcia. His family lives in the nearby village, and he continues to serve the local military, though now under Iron Dingoes direction.

Tech Vagarez is a Regular NPC Logistics Soldier.


Tech Vagarez served the Sangrian military as a logistics clerk, was transferred here, married a local, and considered himself a local. When the local garrison commander was assassinated six months ago, and the bulk of the locals deserted their posts, he alone remained because he had his family here, and ultimately believed he could make a life here.

He presently is a leading figure in the support arm of the growing military force being raised by the Iron Dingoes, the 4th Division of the Sangrian Army. He also related much of the information regarding the various bandit forces found in The District of Garcia. His value continues to grow.

Tech Petros Vagarez

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