Senior Tech Rima Fakih

Assistant to Lord Ruxbundy


Senior Tech Rima Fakih is the personal assistant to Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”. Despite her appearance and youth, Rima is a capable office worker, and keeps the rat’s nest of paperwork from being overwhelming, and maintains the "_Colonel’s"_ schedules and appointments, often traveling in advance of him to make arrangements, or deliver paperwork or otherwise courier important matters on his behalf.

Senior Tech Fakih is a Regular NPC Administrator. She has also gained experience as a pilot with various helicopters, and is a very capable driver of ground vehicles. She is noted to have a good eye for fashion, and a respected sense of style. She keeps a private house in the Forest Hills district of Garrison.


Senior Tech Rima Fakih is a recent graduate of Dunkelheim College’s Government Department where she earned an M.A. in Administration and Governance. Originally a successful model she used her looks as a means to pay her way through the planetary College. Following her graduation, she was hired as a researcher for the Center of Innovation for Science, and Technology in System – Dunkelheim’s government. She minored in Arabic while an undergraduate at Dunkelheim College.

When TF 29 arrived, everything fell apart. With the government in shambles, and the capital’s industry and college in rubble, she jumped at the chance to leave Dunkelheim and put her skills to practical use. She was hired into the Iron Dingoes as Paladin’s personal assistant, and has proven capable and trustworthy. While he remained in command, she resided on the “Brush Wolf” with the Techs, rooming with LtJC Krista Breslin “BT” and the two became good friends, if only because they were young women who lived outside the usual command lines of the military.

Although known as something of a clothes horse, and with a collection of clothing and shoes that is the envy of most people on the ship, she freely loans them out and was extremely friendly and liked by most everyone.

With Paladin’s “retirement” from the direct command of the military following his marriage to Lady Heather in 3023, she stepped back into a more civilian support role, but remained his close aide and liaison with both military and government throughout the following years of his control over the landhold as Steward. With Advocate’s increasing interest in corporate governorship and the growth of the Dingo Brand Corporation to assimilate much of the developing corporate structure of the landhold’s industry and commercial enterprises, he was able to spend more time dealing with the civilian needs of the landhold, its educational development, and the politics revolving around the governance of the district and its national development.

In the latter part of the 3020’s, the development of The Commonwealth of Nations occupied much of her free time, particularly as her boss played a key role in advising in the development of its military arm, The Commonwealth Star Guards, which has continued until the present day. She often spent her time travelling between the Iron Dingoes landholds on behalf of her boss, and back again to Ciudad Garcia, making her very familiar with helicopter operations.

She was promoted in mid-3025 to the rank of Senior Tech.

Senior Tech Rima Fakih

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