Tech Shamus Harper "Ironhide"

Lead AsTech of Fixer's Technical Squad


An AsTech assigned to Senior Trooper Michael Anderson “Fixer”, as the squad lead and personal assistant to maintain the unit CRB-27 Crab. Although Fixer tends to do much of his own maintenance, Shamus, or “Ironhide”, tends to much of the routine work. Shamus is a Regular NPC MechTech.


Known as “Ironhide”, due to his good nature and inability to take great offense to insults, is one of Fixer’s oldest friends. Originally from the street with him, the two joined the 13th Provisional Company as AsTechs, but both quickly proved to be natural techs. He was among the lesser techs rescued from conscription at the 405th AeroBase on Pilpala.

Quirky, sarcastic, funny, a bit of an egocentric, but undoubtedly a natural Tech, he has a skill (and interest) in cybernetics, and spends all of his free time in the company of the line units Mechs and other machines, fixing and upgrading them as he may.

Tech Shamus Harper "Ironhide"

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