Tech Tanner Carzyn

Weapons Tech


Tanner Carzyn is a Green Tech NPC. He assists Tech Anna Vansen in Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”s technical team.


Tanner wanted to join the Marik Militia because Janos Marik enslaved his family and betrayed him – at least that’s the story he tells everyone. The pushy teenager actually tries to talk little more about his life and past.

Tanner has always lived under Marik rule, and he firmly believes in the right of their control of the League. He firmly held that Duke Anton would have best served the people of the League. Originally, Tanner came from the Periphery, and moved to Marik space with his parents to chase many a phantom “business opportunity”. One day, he came home to find his parent’s victims of a gang shooting, and was raised as an orphan for many years.

Since being a young boy, Tanner had always striven to be a Mechjock, trying to enter into one of the national Acadamies, but knowing his chances were slim. Eventually, he was able to land a position as an Astech when a Marik unit passed through his system, and he wound-up as a second-line Tech to the 3rd Marik Militia. Although Anton Marik might never have remembered the scrawny teenager who helped replace one of his actuators, Tanner remembers the Duke.

With the death of his idol, Tanner now wants Janos Marik dead, and all those who supported him as well. Officially a Weapons Tech, Tanner keeps the units guns in working order. He seems loyal to the player’s cause, but he was placed with the Provisional Company because his fanatical leanings made him a radical. Should he ever have a slight chance of defeating or attacking Janos Marik (highly unlikely), he would expend everything he has to try and kill that man.

Tanner wears standard coveralls, and carries his personal tool kit everywhere he goes. He leads a squad in the Ground Technical Group, though he specializes in ammunition loading operations.

Tech Tanner Carzyn

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