Master Tech Vera Weatherly

Civilian Tech from Claybrooke


Master Tech Vera Weatherly is a Regular Logistics Tech NPC. One of the longest-serving members of the Iron Dingoes support services, she has become one of the most popular civilian techs in the Dingoes service.

In addition to her skills in Administration and __Career/Management_, she is noted for Leadership, Training and Negotiation. She is slavishly devoted to her job, and the people under her.


Master Tech Vera Weatherly, is a civilian tech who has served with the unit since before its inception.

Originally trained as a civilian hotel manager, Vera’s skills and experience have led her to take on some of the responsibilities of maintaining the Iron Dingoes less glorious aspects, such as dealing with housing, cleaning and other valuable tasks. Her former supervisors, Master Techs John and Susan Gibbons, always had trust in her actions, and she was seen by many as the unit “Chamberlain”, often referred to through internal memos as “Matron Weatherly”.

She has a young son, Corvin, who tags along with her everywhere she goes; her husband, a noted Andurien seperatist, died in the foundries in Deadwood on Claybrooke. She remains staunchly neutral in any discussions regarding the “Andurien Question”.

In mid-3023, Weatherly was promoted to Master Tech, and given command of the support forces assigned to the independent mercenary company, * The Blood Raiders. Now acting as more of an administrative lead, she has taken on an important logistical role within that unit.

Master Tech Vera Weatherly

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