Tech (Research) Teresa Ruvin


Tech (Research) Teresa Ruvin was the resident “Tech Girl” of the Capellan Mechworks Section (CMS). She often tinkers with various items to “improve” them; she has created gadgets such as shock gloves, communicators able to translate into binary for direct control of a computer, and even worked on lightening the weight of battery charges. Unfortunately, she often has no idea how she did this; she simply does it because she can and quickly moves on to other tasks.

Ruvin is considered an Elite Tech (Engineering) NPC. In addition to various technical and mechanical skills, she is a skilled computer hacker and programmer, but has the attention span of a gnat, unless working on a problem that can’t be solved. Her technological aptitude and ingenuity are, however not keen towards record-keeping and filing her discoveries. Senior Tech (Research) Stania Borodin is the one who turns her genius into workable prototypes and production models.


Teresa Ruvin is descended from a family which has produced numerous scientists for the Capellan Confederation, and she is one of the best minds of her generation. Born to a pair of senior scientists from the Division of Research & Development, she is almost completely lacking in social skills and customary graces. This, however, has never been an obstacle to her, since she cares nothing for the approval or company of others. Unlike her superiors, who are merely bright, she is a genius.

Her great love is theory, and she has little interest for the practical applications of her work. As a consequence, every part of the CMS bore the marks of her creativity, but she has never had any involvement in the final design or construction of any of these projects. Other scientists, especially the late Ziers were responsible for turning her designs into reality.

None of her fellow scientists understood her, were able to adapt to her, and were openly disdainful of her behavior and privately jealous of her abilities.

Following her capture as a part of the CMS science team on System – Corodiz. , she was offered a position in a new research team in * “The Skunkwerks”. She accepted, and was allowed free reign on the technology the company was accumulating. In particular, Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” has taken a special interest in her efforts, and is supportive of her various personal interests.

As of March 3023, Ruvin was provided with funding and began studying the Battle Armor – Tornado PA suits they had access to. Scrapping one of the second-hand suits for parts and to dissect it and understand the theory behind the technology, she also has access to the unit’s Battle Armor – BH-18 “Waddle” Combat Walker blueprints, and is slowly in the process of developing an understanding (and working prototype) of battle armor for the unit’s Skunkwerks. She and her research companion Tech (Research) Willis Schwebberhaffenwurf produced the first prototype of the Battle Armor – Shadowhound in mid-3026, and the design was run through various tests and allowed to become a “production” option by early-3027.

Production of a designated “combat” model version, the Battle Armor – Warhound was started soon thereafter, and is now considered to be complete, though it lacks the stealth design, using a prototype light combat armor. Most of the development process was initially spent on designing the combat laser, based largely on the Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal”, but this part of the project was abandoned early on for a modified SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle, as well as the Lightning Claws as standard equipment. The project completed testing in late-3030, and was declared operational and ready for limited production thereafter.

As an off-shoot of this program, she developed the Power Armor – Workhound and presented a solution to the Heavy Industrial Armor – “Dingo Hide” problem that solved her own issues with the unit’s prototype armor. Furthermore, she h began a variant of the suit, known as the “SpaceHound” for use in micro-gravity environments, which culminated in a prototype in late-3033.

Ruvin has since begun a casual study of a control collar for the Nexu project, code-named “Operation Shackle”.

Tech (Research) Teresa Ruvin

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