Space Master Terrance Chantilas

Veteran JumpShip Pilot of the Federated Suns


Space Master Terrance Chantilas is a retired JumpShip pilot from the Federated Suns garrison world of System – Outpost. Having sought to live out the rest of his life doing what he loves best, he has taken command of the unit’s JumpShip, “The Bloody Paw”, in order to feel useful in whatever time he has left.

Master Chantials is a Regular JumpShip Pilot NPC, though he formerly had skills and knowledge to rate him Veteran. Age has dimmed many of his faculties, but regarding jump plots , or advanced astrophysics and mathematics, he still has a good head on his shoulders.

His ship provides JumpShip transport for both * “The Dead Man’s Hand” and * “The Fold Fiends”, meaning that among all the pilots in the Iron Dingoes fleets, he and his crew are commonly away from their traditional landholds, and isolated from the rest of the unit. As the unit increasingly sends these forces into Federated Suns space, the separation is not deemed a burden.


Space Master Terrance Chantilas was born and raised in the Federated Suns to be a naval officer. He worked his way through the ranks, and eventually served the naval fleet for 37 years, rising to command a portion of the local fleet in System – Outpost.

Due to failing health issues, and the fact that much of his body had been surgically implanted with cybernetic joints and myomer ligaments to replace failing body tissues, he was declared unfit for duty, and retired from the AFFS Navy.

Nevertheless, his time as a naval officer of the Federated Suns made him long for the command chair once more. The Iron Dingoes, seeking a replacement pilot and crew for their ship “The Bloody Paw”, they offered him the chair and he readily accepted leaving retirement. He even brought along several of his old friends, and a few of their family…

He is known for being very professional with his crew when the demands of a jump are looming, but tends to lax considerably when there is no need for immediate vigilance. His ability to calculate complex jump-points in his head, is well known by his crew. He often “holds court” on the bridge, regailing the crew of similiar experiences to the present from his past…

Space Master Terrance Chantilas

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