Anna Simpson "The Lady"

House Davion minor noblewoman and Mechwarrior Duelist


A beautiful woman, Anna Simpson has long black hair that complements her light tanned skin. She often wears her hair in a ponytail. Though petite, she carries herself with a grace and presence that makes her seem taller. Her bright blue eyes seem unusually ice-blue.

Anna Simpson pilots a Valkyrie BattleMech, and is a Regular NPC Pilot.


23 years-old, (born in 2993) she possesses a measurable stature of one who is used to command and leadership. Her experience in a BattleMech tells of years spent in both simulators and in real Mecha, making her a capable pilot. She seems to have a certain naivete about her that speaks of having grown-up with a life of privilege and ease, talking to others as though they should immediately serve her wants and desires.

Anna Simpson first came into contact with the PCs, when she was accompanying the remanants of the “Panther Strike Gang”, as a paying guest. She challenged Captain Ruxbundy to a duel for ownership of their respective mecha, and won, though she later accepted the salvage of a more battered, heavier Firestarter in exchange. She left the group after a day, accompanied by a trio of heavy Karnov VTOLs, that hauled her, her Mech, and her salvage back to the starport in New Denver.

It has since been revealed she is somehow affiliated with the noble family of Davion-Harland, the rulers of the distant Federated Suns planet of Tentativa. That she is able to call upon substantial resources is obvious, though as to her intentions on a distant Marik periphery world, however, is anyone’s guess.

Anna Simpson "The Lady"

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