Chief Engineer Tia Sprang


Chief Engineer Tia Sprang, is a talented, natural genius of “hypernautics”, the study of jump-drives and hyperspace.

Exceptionally sweet and chipper, she is the type to always remain bright and positive even when others are low. Completely genuine in everything she does, she loves being arm-deep in a jump engine above all else. She is, however, also kind of a floozy, who wears her heart on her sleeve at all times. She has a desire for a feminine side, but finds herself annoyed when people cannot equate being a tech with also being feminine.

Tia is a Veteran NPC Jumpdrive Engineer, with natural aptitude in most technical skills. Tia also has a good understanding of capital weapons systems, primarily missile systems such as the Barracuda-Class, with which she has spent years studying and maintaining. She is also a closet artist.


At twenty-three (23), she graduated from the Filtvelt Acadamy, with honors, and spent the next few years interning with her grandfather on Tequila Beach. Her grandfather encouraged her to join the Iron Dingoes as an engineer, and she became a “floating” tech for a couple years, eventually taking over on “The Freedom of the Stars” as its leading engineer, looking after matters, including the activation of its AR-10 Missile Launcher.

In 3039, with the potential to salvage both “The New Karachi” and “The Diamond Star”, she was assigned over to * “Black Ice” and chosen to operate as the preparatory engineer to assume control over their eventual repair and refit. Meanwhile, she also oversees the technical repair and salvage of the numerous Liberty-Class JumpShips coming into Dingoes black water navy, coordintaing those efforts from “The Factory”.

Chief Engineer Tia Sprang

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