Mechwarrior Adam Bernhardt

LAM Pilot


Mechwarrior Adam Bernhardt is a young boy, whose skills in a DVM-3 MiningMech Salvage Mech earned him a position as an STG-A1 Stinger LAM pilot, when it became available.

Despite his age, he qualifies as a Veteran NPC Mech Pilot, but has little interest in anything beyond the cockpit of a Mech. His talents have given him the seat of a difficult to pilot LAM, but he has proven capable of the challenge. He is showing, however, an interest in “wargames” and has a definitive tactical mind.


Originally the son of an administrative assistant in the unit’s admin pools, Adam started as an AsTech, quickly moving him into a unit’s DVM-3 MiningMech due to his talents in the cockpit. Over the last year, he placed exceedingly high in skill tests, and was graduated early to fill-in the roster of the unit’s STG-A1 Stinger LAM when the need became apparent.

Constantly trying to prove himself, his tactical sense has driven him to take risks, but they are never more than he is capable of. In late-3025, he was rated a Veteran pilot, and granted promotion to full Mechwarrior.

Mechwarrior Adam Bernhardt

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