Lieutenant SG Alexandra Fornesca "Midas"

Trooper of the Iron DIngoes


Lieutenant SG Alexandra Fornesca is a member of the “Danger Girls” Platoon of Cerberus Command in the Iron Dingoes security forces. Although relatively new to soldiering life, she has demonstrated extreme physical abilities combined with improving combat skills. She obtained the nickname “Midas” for her golden touch in negotiations and skill at leading the 1st Squad.

Alexandra is a Veteran Infantry NPC, with abilities in athletics, and inter-personal skills. Extremely adaptable, she has proven to be a valuable member of * “The Werewolves”, acting as its interpreter and civilian contact. She now leads that squad, as the lead member of its troop.


A former professional girl with dancing, athletics and inter-personal skills above average, Alexandra has developing combat skills, but has shown to be adaptable despite her young age (possibly because of it). Her reports from LtSG McGuire are increasingly positive, and like most Danger Girls, she is something of a daredevil.

She admits to difficulties around drugs, having had a few “episodes” when younger, but her tox screens are clean and she is able to openly talk about her former addictions.

Although she has a notable Russian accent, she is able to change her voice at will, and can drop the accent in need. She also speaks several other languages, including Farsi, English, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.

In early-February, 3031, she was promoted to full lieutenant, and given charge over the main Werewolves unit, while Viper took over command of the general training of the unit’s special forces.

Lieutenant SG Alexandra Fornesca "Midas"

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