Captain Cassandra Anderson

Novice StarGuard Marine


Captain Cassandra Anderson is another of the Iron Dingoes internally raised recruits, assigned to training in the “StarGuards”, or the marine complement of * “Cerberus Command”. Though traditionally positioned for defensive and anti-boarding duties aboard unit DropShips, these units also rotate through active duty as boarders during important sorties, though, of late, the unit has been employing their newest marine squads recruited from the “Militia” for these duties.

Although having trained as a marine, she has also displayed a talent for marksmanship as well as hand-to-hand combat. She has also displayed an almost uncanny “sixth sense” in avoiding trouble. Despite her young age, she ranks as a Veteran NPC Star Marine trooper.


Senior Trooper Anderson lost both her parents during the war on System – Dunkelheim, and hooked-up with a young soldier in a bid to get off-world. She quickly grew tired of him and found her opportunity through apprenticing into the armed forces as a Shadow. She quickly proved her worth, and accepted a position to Shadow into the StarGuards. She quickly gained the attention of Major Frank Castle, who groomed her for an officer’s commission.

Pretty and blonde, she is still a soldier first, and has quickly developed a “tough-as-nails” attitude towards her calling and profession. She isn’t fond of wearing her helmet, unless deep in a direct combat situation. Most attribute it to her just trying to be “glam”.

Trooper Anderson is equipped like all Starguards, but especially uses her Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kit with particular gusto. Some say she breathes vacuum, she’s so good in it.

In mid-3023, she was given command of a squad and assigned to the “Blood Rock” as their own personal marine unit. After a tour on that ship, she was promoted to Master Trooper, and given charge of the 1st “Steel-Shells” Platoon on “The Factory”, eventually reaching full Lieutenant SG rank with those troopers, particularly noted for her aggressive nature during customs boarding operations.

In late-3031, she was promoted to Captain and set to replace Castle himself when that worthy was promoted to Major and given over command of the military governorship at Aurora Landing in System – Goria. She transferred into the position in early-3032, taking command of that facility’s Star Guards force, upon return of the main Line force to Terramatrix.

Captain Cassandra Anderson

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