Senior Trooper Edward "Pot-Shot" Farsaker

Artillery Command Personnel


Edward Farsaker is a Regular Artillery NPC, despite his illness and bravado.


“Pot-Shot” was brought into the unit on Sophie’s World, when the 3rd Marik Militia was recruiting heavily following it pushing the 6th off the planet with Wolf’s Dragoons help – few knew then that he was actually part of a privateer salvage team from Andurien who had abandoned him after hearing his outrageous tales one too many times.

“Pot-Shot” has an outrageous combat style, and believes in “pounding the target into oblivion…” as uncontrollably as he uses his mouth. He has a tendency to fire without double-checking his coordinates, particularly in the heat of combat, but still remains fairly accurate. He is fond of firing on retreating forces, even those clearly out of his range. He can be an annoying character with wild stories and his continual chatter even under the booms of his firing guns, but he’s an accurate enough shot. He joined the Militia in hopes of gaining glory and fortune, but is happy enough to add a few more colorful tales to his portfolio along the way.

“Pot-Shot” wears a flak vest and utility suit, and keeps his medals polished. While he might carry a side-arm, he tends not to, since he thinks it would only make him a target if he should ever be caught.

“Pot-Shot” serves as the gun commander of the Militia Artillery in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, commanding four Sniper Field Artillery Pieces and a pair of flak quad-cannons in that unit. While not the most beloved individual in the unit, he is still respected for his ability to coordinate between his four guns during live fire exercises.

Senior Trooper Edward "Pot-Shot" Farsaker

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