MechWarrior Ela Rose

Mercenary MechWarrior


MechWarrior Ela Rose serves in the Iron Dingoes under a leash contract, filling a slot opened with the death of a “Leash” pilot from the unit.

MechWarrior Rose is a Veteran NPC MechWarrior. She is also noted as a songstress, a capable guitar player and a flamenco dancer. She pilots a salvaged AS7-D Atlas in the * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, Command Lance.

Rosa owns a battered Jeep, and always carries her pair of M6D Personal Defense Sidearms and her acoustic guitar. She has a personal Tech, Tech Annabelle Graves, with whom she has built a close and personal relationship.


MechWarrior Rose is not from System – Dumassas originally, but was born somewhere in the Reaver’s Rift, under the name Manuela Cherejy. She put her past behind her, taking a new name and service with various mercenary forces in the constellation, piloting her family COM-2D Commando, until she lost it during a raid on Dumassas in 3019. Trapped on-planet and dispossessed, she noticed the Iron Dingoes were hiring, and took a one-year “Leash” contract as a Mech Pilot. Over the years since, she has continued serving the unit, and has proven both her loyalty and value to the Dingoes.

Rose was promoted to full MechWarrior for her stellar efforts in the cave system under Brightwater Base in early 3022.

MechWarrior Ela Rose

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