Trooper Ela Rose

Mercenary MechWarrior


Trooper Ela Rose serves in the Iron Dingoes under a leash contract, filling a slot opened with the recent death of a pilot from the unit.

Trooper Rose is a Regular NPC MechWarrior. She is also noted as a songstress, a capable guitar player and a flamenco dancer.

She has a personal Tech, Annabelle Graves.


Trooper Rose is not from System – Dumassas originally, but was born in the Reaver’s Rift. She took service with the various military forces in the system, piloting a COM-2D Commando, until she lost it recently during a raid. She noticed the Iron Dingoes were hiring, and has taken a position with a one-year “Leash” contract, as a Mech Pilot.

Trooper Rose serves in the * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, under the 2nd Reserve Lance.

Trooper Ela Rose

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