MechWarrior Elias Whitlocke "Stargun"

The Colonel's pilot and bodyguard


Eilas Whitlocke is a professional mercenary, originating from the Capellan March of House Davion. He has his origins as a MechTech, but found his “true calling” as a pilot, formerly achieving the position as the CO’s bodyguard/unit non-com in the Stargun Merc Company.

Trooper Elias is a Regular NPC Mech Pilot. In addition, he is a noted average (Regular) technician and has skills in both Zero-G tactics and Vacc Suit operation. He is assigned as Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”s personal pilot of the unit’s command Mech, a BLR-1G Battlemaster. As such, he is privy to information outside his rank as a simple Mech “Trooper”, but is allowed into the inner discussions due to his unique position as the CO’s pilot. Furthermore, he acts as the CO’s personal bodyguard and has the responsibility to ensure the CO’s Mech is always operational, often directing the technical team assigned to it’s maintenance, thus freeing the Colonel for other matters.


A former non-com of the Stargun Mercenary Company, Elias Whitlocke is a talented trooper who formerly piloted a CN9-A Centurian BattleMech. He lost his position when Voice of the Iron Dingoes took his Mech’s head off with an AC/20. He miraculously survived and was subsequently captured and then hired to assist in walking the unit’s salvage from the battlefield.

He presently serves as the CO’s personal pilot, under a standard “Leash Contract” of one year. He has re-enlisted several times, and seems to enjoy his assigned position.

MechWarrior Elias Whitlocke "Stargun"

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