MechWarrior Faith Whinyates "Faith"

Former member of the "Black Band".


MechWarrior Faith Whinyates is a skilled former pilot of an ON1-K Orion. A proven pilot, she rates as a Regular NPC Mech Pilot. She once piloted a VTR-9B Victor, outfitted with an orbital communications array, and acted as the Line Unit’s primary communication’s officer, but today is largely retired from active line service in the unit.

Skilled in a broad degree of communications equipment, Faith is also something Computer expert, and a capable Regular Mech Pilot NPC. She also speaks Spanish, English and French.


MechWarrior Faith Winyates is a tall, very attractive blonde who looks like she should be working as a holo actress. Possessing almost total recall, and with a phenomenal mind for detail, she always seems to know where she should be and has great tactical claim on the battlefield. She prefers combat assignments to command, however, and is known to have turned-down promotions in past units, to avoid such positions.

Over several years, she had proven her ability in the cockpit and as the Line unit’s primary communications officer, though her position changed to a secondary role as the unit’s command structure was reworked following Paladin’s retirement. She still monitors the channels and relays communications to the support/guard Mech in Pitbull’s Pariahs.

She has never been romantically connected with anyone in the unit.

During the unit’s ambush on System – Tashrakaar, “Faith” suffered nearly fatal damage when her Victor was torn apart by an ammunition explosion. She underwent extensive recuperation aboard “The Factory”, and was able to participate in the early-3026 raid on Petrópolis, only to suffer a catastrophic failure on her attitude jets that crashed her in the middle of the enemy stronghold. Recovering, but badly hurt, she succeeded in finishing the fight, and returned to spend another couple weeks in recovery in the medical facilities on The Factory.

After several more close calls, she chose to retire from active service on the Line, and took a less active role with * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, as an operator in their command vehicle, where she has become “The Voice” that they are most familiar with, and is largely responsible for the unit’s Intelligence & Analysis division, working closely with Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo”.

MechWarrior Faith Whinyates "Faith"

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