Senior Trooper Farno Capiros

AeroFighter Pilot


Pilot of a GTHA-500 Gotha, Senior Trooper Farno Capiros is a former civilian shuttle pilot, promoted to Line status in * “The Iron Dingoes”.

He is a Regular NPC Aero Pilot, but also skilled in the technical aspects of AeroFighters. He has the potential to also be an Aero Tech, but has chosen to concentrate on piloting as his career.


Senior Trooper Farno Capiros is middle-aged, but learned his occupation through a lifetime of familiarity with mining shuttles. Typical of mining pilots from System – Cassandra, he is safety conscious and used to the rigours of belt prospecting.

In early 3023, he as promoted to Senior Trooper, and given command of his own lance, when his former commander retired. He tend to defer to Lieutenant SG Eric Balmer “Tinman” in most instances, respecting his skill and leadership abilities.

Senior Trooper Farno Capiros

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