Jakob Wiebe "Boom-Boom"

Ex-patriate of House Steiner


“Boom-Boom” preferred larger Mechs and things that go “Boom”, like PPCs and massed missile launchers. He was skilled in demolitions, heavy weapon technologies, and understood how to put large structures together and take them back apart again… preferably fast and with nitro cord.

Boom-Boom piloted a modified JR7-D Jenner, changed into the Dingoes-preferred JR7-F Model.


Boom-Boom was an expatriate of House Steiner, and while he was a little vague as to his origins, it was known to be protective of his younger sister, Senior Tech Brandy Wiebe “Black Rose”. Very protective.

A large man, he was partial to solving matters with the business end of a gun, but was well-known to take orders easily, provided he could see the end result of the situation. He had no designs on command, but was very particular about having his privacy. And his own bunk space.

During the May 3019 invasion of The District of Garcia by The First Fire, Boom-Boom chose to turn-coat and fielded in a lance of traitors trying to seize the DropShip Stone Dog for their own use. He failed. Along with “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”, Kren Toth “Malice” and Deralzen Hetaxis “NKB, he fought his former companions, for unknown reasons. It was later revealed, based on information left to his sister in a note, he had done so because he had to protect her from “…terrorists…”, and that “…the money was just too good…”. He was last seen fleeing into Ciudad Garcia, along with NKB and Voice, who also survived the failed raid.

It was later revealed he had died during a bar brawl on Tortuga.

Jakob Wiebe "Boom-Boom"

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