Lieutenant JG Jena Malone "Rocket"

Independent Mech Pilot


Lt JG Jena Malone, or “Rocket” is an independent Mechjock who was hired to serve an empty slot in the Iron Dingoes BattleMechs.

Rocket is a Regular NPC Mech Pilot, and pilots a WVR-6R Wolverine in the reserve unit of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. She has proven a loyal and worthy addition to the unit’s reserves.

Assuming command over her own lance was a bit of a shock to Rocket, but she has adapted quickly. She is presently trying to bring her young pilots together as a unit, but has the time to get it right.


Although seemingly young, Trooper Jena was born in 2991, on the Davion Outback world of Malagrotta. In her teens, her proven Mech skills allowed her to gain a position in the Regional Militia, though she was unable to get a full-time ticket into a Mech. After several years of work, she chose to go independent, and took a short tour with the small mercenary company, “Recon Seven”. When that mercenary command broke-up. she found herself on Joshua’s Station, and quickly took the opportunity to pilot a Mech in the Iron Dingoes, when the offer appeared.

Rocket’s hair is kept long, but tends to be spiky, and a reddish blonde. Rocket is petite and although she looks as if she is weak, she can definitely pack a punch! Rocket is also a quiet, methodical soldier who is an expert with knives and technical devices, backed by her time spent serving the Davion March Militia as a technician before gaining her pilot’s certificate. She has experience in hand-to-hand combat, but is not known for her capacity in close combat, if only because of her smaller size.

In late-3023, Rocket was promoted to LtJG and given command over the “Wild Bunch” lance in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.

Lieutenant JG Jena Malone "Rocket"

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