Captain Jessica Burlingame "Slayer"

Underground Combat MechJock and Danger Junkie


Popular among the underground Mech dueling organization secretly running on System – Heroditus, Captain Jessie “Slayer” Burlingame is something of a danger junkie, who also happens to possess a BattleMech. She has been described as “…not too stable, but fun…” in her personnel files.

“Slayer” is a Veteran Mech Pilot NPC. She owns a worn CLNT-2-3T Clint BattleMech, named “Mannequin”, suffering from its age, relative neglect, and lack of spare parts for the rare vehicle. While on patrol or acting in defense of Dingoes base assets, she pilots the unit’s BL6-KNT Black Knight, and keeps her personal Mech in storage.


Jessie “Slayer” Burlingame is very private of her origins, but is well-known for having won her ancient CLNT-2-3T Clint in a series of fights in the underground Mech Dueling League on System – Heroditus. Relatively unknown among mercenaries on-planet, she is practically a star among the planet’s teenage Mechbunny crowd, and has a cult following for her charisma and relative youth.

Although a capable pilot, it is believed “Slayer” and her Mech “Mannequin” have succeeded in her duels primarily due to its weight class and the fact she normally fights modified WorkMechs, Stingers and Wasps. The Mech is ancient and battered, not the least because of its prototype nature and the difficulty of acquiring parts and maintain it by herself.

In public, she joined the Dingoes partly because of the fame of Captain Abbey Chase “Peaches” and her Danger Girls, and partly because of the Dingoes own recent notorious actions seen on Dingo Watch!. It is a well-known secret, however, that she also joined because she initially saw serving with a unit of mercs for a year as a means to get her beloved baby into trim combat fashion once more. Signed to a traditional “Leash” contract for a year’s service, she was given the provision that she would earn partial compensation for the year, with the remainder going to repair the vehicle to operational status. She might, over time, even like working with the unit enough to stay. SHe has since grown accustomed to her role in the Dingoes line, and enjoys the rush of full combat in the Black Knight she’s been assigned. As she says, “…the ride’s just too good…”.

“Slayer” was formerly often seen in the company of “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”. Although they appeared like something related to a couple and even trained together regularly, her wild and distrustful nature kept her aloof from most politics in the Dingoes. When Voice went rogue and betrayed the unit, she was pointedly not with him anymore, and honestly reported his attempts to recruit her when he left the Dingoes. During the hard fighting on System – Dumassas, she was particularly brutal, and no one suspects her of betrayal in the slightest. She remains something of a loner, and stays out of politics, despite holding a position of some authority in the Command Lance of the Dire Dingoes. Whatever spare time she has is spent in maintaining her personal Mech, and in training in her present assignment.

Slayer was promoted to full “MechWarrior” status following the cadre contract on System – Dumassas, and then further promoted to LtJG in late-3023, and given command over the Fire Support Lance of the Iron Dingoes line Mechs.

As one of the only senior officers to survive the debacle on Elidere IV in the War of 3039, Slayer assumed command of * “The Dire Dingoes” and was given over control of that force upon her return to cantonments on Terramatrix along with the rank of Captain in 3040. She was charged with rebuilding the unit and assumed a position within the Command Council, sitting on its development board until the unit was considered full strength in 3042.

Captain Jessica Burlingame "Slayer"

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