Trooper John Callaghan "Lucky Shot"

Former Independent Aero Pilot


Formerly a pilot of an F-90 Stingray. Previously flying a SYD-21 Seydlitz with the Iron Dingoes, Trooper John Callaghan is a Veteran NPC AeroFighter Pilot.


A so-so pilot (due mostly to his age), John spends much of his off time learning to improve his aim. Average appearing with black, curly hair, he is willing to take position however needed, even piloting a VTOL in need.

In mid-3024, during the counter-attack on The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina airfield, he lost his Seydlitz along with his wingman and two escorting Gunships, at the cost of cutting a hole through the air cordon around the airfield, taking six enemy Corsairs out in the process. He managed to eject safely over the island, and having quickly recovered had the promise of a salvaged Corsair to replace his lost ride.

He now serves as wingman to Lieutenant JG Joliet “Talon”.

Trooper John Callaghan "Lucky Shot"

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