Lieutenant JG Joliet "Talon"

Captured Aero Pilot of the Star Talons


Lt JG Joliet or “Talon” is an Aeropilot, captured during the Iron Dingoes attack on the Star Talons in the Ganulph system. In addition to her status as a middling AeroSpace pilot, she is also a skilled martial artist, and is capable of handling many small arms and melee weapons. She is also a skilled violin player, and was classically trained early in her childhood.

Lt JG Joliet is a Regular NPC AeroSpace Pilot. She pilots an F-10 Cheetah, in the AeroStrike Lance of the Iron Dingoes reserve Mech company, * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.


Little is known about Lt JG Joliet at this time. Sole surviving pilot from the Star Talons aerospace forces, she managed to eject from her SB-27 Sabre after suffering an intense assault that trashed her engines. Her fighter was captured and salvaged, and she is now under a basic Leash contract by the Iron Dingoes.

In recent operations on System – Dumassas, Talon lost her Sabre during a brutal air-fight to secure air superiority for her unit. She ejected safely, and was granted a recovered F-10 Cheetah to replace her lost ride.

Lieutenant JG Joliet "Talon"

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