MechWarrior Katie Starling

Former pilot from Veruca's Visigoths


MechWarrior Katie Starling is a formerly dispossessed pilot from Veruca’s Visigoths, that has proven to be a good pilot, though her failings tend to over-shadow her abilities. Rugged and “grimy” she projects the traditional appearance of a mercenary Mech pilot.

She is a Veteran NPC Mech Pilot. She presently pilots a salvaged STK-3F Stalker.


MechWarrior Katie Starling is a complex, evolving individual. She appears to dislike her own life, inspiring her companion pilots with her readiness to die as “brave and unstoppable”. Although not “ripped”, she is extremely fit and hard-drinking, Katie is noted as a girl who drinks to get the majority of her calories.

Hotheaded and cocky, she knows she’s good and given time might develop into a terror on the battlefield. Meanwhile, she is an avid gambler who enjoys hard liquor, smoking cigars, and sex. Lots of sex. It is said that her best friend was the late Veruca Salt, and that she was possibly in a relationship with either her or Veruca’s late husband. Possibly both. It was noted as affecting the two, to the point that Katie has always avoided command.

Katie is always seen with her “Evac Bag”, a large shoulder duffelbag that contains a belted pair of auto pistols and ammunition, various survival supplies (brandy, cigars and cards), and a handful of ration bars, medkits and simple tools for common repairs.

MechWarrior Katie Starling

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