Kren Toth "Malice"

Pirate and Traitor


Kren Toth or “Malice”, was a former pirate hired to fill a slot in the Iron Dingoes Resrerve Mechs.

Malice was a Regular Mech Pilot, once piloting a DV-6MID Dervish.


Little was known about this pilot, beyond his origins and time spent learning his trade in the service of the Tortuga Pirates of the infamous pirate, Lady “Death” Trevaline. The Tortuga Raiders, callous and cruel reavers of the worst kind, have done much to shape Malice into the man he was.

During the May 3019 invasion of The District of Garcia by the First Fire, NKB chose to turn-coat and fielded in a lance of traitors trying to seize the DropShip Stone Dog for their own use. He failed. Along with “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”, Jakob Wiebe “Boom-Boom” and Deralzen Hetaxis “NKB, he fought his former companions, took a lucky shot to his internal ammo bays, blowing his Dervish to pieces, and failed to eject. He did not die well.

Kren Toth "Malice"

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