Executive Administrator (Captain) Massimo De Luca "Advocate"

Lead Administrator of Dingo Brand Corporation


Executive Administrator (Captain) Massimo “Advocate” has waving collar length black hair and blue eyes. When not in his MechWarrior uniform, he is always dressed in a perfectly pressed, tailored suit with matching shirt and shoes. Advocate loves the game of poker and will find a game wherever available, though not very good his skills seem to improve every time he plays. Every once in a while, he talks about an ancient technology called “Porche” or “Carrera” that he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on.

Massimo “Advocate” is a Veteran Mech Pilot, but also an Elite Lawyer and Veteran Logistics Administrator. He piloted a FLS-8K Flashman for many years, but chose to leave it behind when he retired. For many years, his personal MechTech was Tech Lorelai Vansen “Rory”, who lead her team in maintaining Advocate’s Flashman.

Str: 4
Bod: 4
Rfl: 4
Dex: 4
Int: 5
Wil: 6
Cha: 5
Edg: 2

Equipped 2
Wealth: 3
Enemy: -3
Toughness: 3
Compulsion/Gambling: -2
Reputaion: -2
Patient: 1
Bloodmark: -1


Negotiation: 8
Career/Law: 5
Interrogation: 5
Administration: 5
Computers: 4

Gunnery/ Mech: 5
Piloting/ Mech: 4
Perception: 3
Piloting/VTOL: 3
Protocol/ Free World: 3
Career/ Soldier: 3
Martial Arts: 3
Training: 3
Small Arms: 2
Navigation/Ground: 2
Leadership: 2
Interest/Law: 2

Disguise 3
Language/English 3
Language/Spanish 3
Language/Mandrian 0
Technician/Mech: 2
Medtech 2
Piloting/Air Vehicle 3
Running 1
Sensor Operations 2
Acting 1
Art/Music (guitar) 1
Interest/Gambling 1
Melee Weapons 0
Weapon Spec (Energy)
Driving/Ground 0
Protocol/Periphery 1
Protocol/ San Isabel 2
Protocol/Sangria 2
Protocal/Gollere 2
Zero-G Ops 0
Career/Management: 1


Advocate was born on the planet Dieudonne, in 2992 at the city of New Bastogne. His father, Benedict De Luca, was a well-respected officer within the Free World League Military assigned to the command center for all operations in the Terran region. Advocate’s Mother pampered him and his father did not want that, so he decided that Military School would harden him up. Even though Advocate was not from a noble family he was allowed to attend Princefield Academy because of his father’s connection with the Marik Militia.

At Princefield, Advocate excelled in many of the courses and was allowed to train as a MechWarrior. After Princefield, Advocate realized that a MechWarrior was not something he wanted to do as a career. Pushed by his father to enlist in the military Advocate enrolled knowing that if he wanted to he could pursue a career as a lawyer as long as he completed one tour of duty. Enlisting in the Free World League Military, Advocate got his University degree in Law at the prestigious Marik Law School. After which he served with the Free World League Military, working closely with the Director of Intelligence, negotiating contracts with individual MechWarriors, mercenary warriors, military manufacturer, and some classified “interviews”.

When his tour of duty was finished, he was recruited by Irian Technologies to negotiation contracts with the Free World League Military. During this time Advocate’s father mysteriously disappeared and he receive a message saying “Your father was a threat to our cause so he has been eliminated. You will be next.” Fearing for his life the Advocate quickly packed his things and paid for passage as far away from his current location as possible. This action damaged Advocate’s reputation within the Marik Commonweath as he was in some fierce negotiations with the Marik Militia for to manufacture and delivery of more Union-Class DropShips. Most of his money ran out and he ended up on Claybrooke working as an administrator for the recently revitalized Deadwood Munitions Company. Hearing rumors of the revolution and wanting to get further out of Free World space Advocate took a Copper SecurityMech and headed towards New Town, on his way he met up with a revolutionary named Baroness.

Advocate earned his call sign for his swift negotiations at the Orion Prison Facility with Assistant Warden Carrigan for the safe return of the 13th Provisional Company personnel that were held there. His actions involving reorganization of personnel files and the work he has done well in this department since, have given him control as the Iron Dingoes Unit S-1 (Personnel) officer, and a position at their command staff meetings.

During the waning days of his stay on Dunkleheim, Advocate had a near death experience at Depot 519, which has changed his thinking on a few things drastically. He now seems to look over his shoulder constantly like (he thinks) someone is following him. Also he spends less time dressed up in a suit and more time in fatigues. In his spare time he spends less time chasing a poker game and more time training with the infantry, building up his body and strength.

Advocate is currently in charge of the Unit S-1 (Personnel) and Unit S-4 (Supplies), with which he controls the finances of the Iron Dingoes mercenary organization itself. With the addition of a few young female administrative staff Advocate has more time to spend with his family, friends and Mech again in this order.

Advocate has become the official Legal Counsel for * “The Iron Dingoes” and takes care of many of the legal matters including creating contracts for Mercenaries and negotiate contracts with potential employers. He is assisted in his duties by a recently hired tech from young lady, who has allowed him more time with his fiance and but still little time with his Mech (in that order). He has also been the motivating factor behind the hire of Senior Tech Rima Fakih, to assist the Colonel in his administrative efforts.

In Advocate’s spare time he plays cards with whoever is willing to play, including the Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”.

Advocate pilots a FLS-8K Flashman, which is serviced by Tech Lorelai Vansen “Rory” and her crew of AsTechs. Commander Kristina Schmidt and Advocate broke up shortly after Advocate met MechWarrior Dominique “Domino” Harvey. He was smitten by MechWarrior Dominique “Domino” Harvey, almost to an obsession.

In late-3023, Advocate was promoted to full Captain, given his length of service and position as one of the unit’s Command Council.

In mid-3025, Advocate was revealed to have become engaged to Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour”; they were soon married and have since had twins, a boy and a girl.

Their children were born early-3026 and “Glamour” and “Advocate” moved into their newly built home and hired nannies, maids and cooks, all chosen by Glamour.

Advocate is having a hard time retiring and taking over the Dingo Brand Corporation as he enjoys the adventure and is having a hard time finding what he considers a suitable replacement for his crucial role within the unit. He has, however, taken over using the term “Executive Administrator” in his calling, as a means of separating his duties when required. In late-3032, after a period of adjustment, Advocate formally retired from his position in the unit’s main Line, and turned over finances and personnel to Master Techs John and Susan Gibbons, following their promotion.

While participating on the unit’s contract on Elidere IV, during the War of 3039, his wife Glamour was slain along with much of the Line forces. FOrced to raise his kids as a single parent, he found him neglecting their activities, and the pair went on to become infamously independent and despising the legacy on Terrmatrix that their parents tried to build for them, though both Alicia and Benedict continued on in their education and became member sof the unit’s military in an unconventional way.

In later years, he was noted as being involved with Captain Katie Starling, something which many hinted as being part of why his children had little respect for him and his well-known wanton ways.

Today, he spends his time working on bringing the unit’s various corporate investments sufficient income to support their plans and future efforts, and dedicates the lion’s share of his life towards the unit’s flagship corporation, the Dingo Brand Corporation.

Executive Administrator (Captain) Massimo De Luca "Advocate"

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