Mechwarrior Parish "Priest"

Rogue Element


“Priest” is a young MechWarrior, dispossessed during opeartions on Dunkelheim, and hired to fill the cockpit of the Iron Dingoes valued OSR-2C Ostroc, acquired as salvage during the assault on White Death’s own JumpShip fleet in System – Dunkelheim.

Still new to the unit, very little about him is known at this time. He has, however, proven loyal and trustworthy, and holds a position in the Iron Dingoes line Mechs, “Ground Pounder” lance.

He was promoted to “Mechwarrior” following his efforts in the fight during the unit’s Contract – Operation “Steampunk Shuffle”.


Other than his loss of a CDA-2A Cicada during the drop on Dunkelheim, little is known about this MechWarrior. Where he picked up the monniker “Priest” is also obscure…

In early 3023, Priest retired from active duty in * “The Iron Dingoes” to a small farm on the outskirts of * Landhold : Garrison. He spends his free time helping in the local Catholic mission, and leads the simple life of a gentleman farmer.

Mechwarrior Parish "Priest"

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