Mechwarrior Parish "Priest"

Rogue Element


“Priest” is a young MechWarrior, recently dispossessed during opeartions on Dunkelheim, and hired to fill the cockpit of the Iron Dingoes valued OSR-2C Ostroc, acquired as salvage during the assault on White Death’s own JumpShip fleet in System – Dunkelheim.

Still new to the unit, very little about him is known at this time. He has, however, proven loyal and trustworthy, and holds a position in the Iron Dingoes line Mechs, “Ground Pounder” lance.

He was promoted to “Mechwarrior” following his efforts in the fight during the unit’s Contract – Operation “Steampunk Shuffle”.


Other than his recent loss of a CDA-2A Cicada during the drop on Dunkelheim, little is known about this MechWarrior. Where he picked up the monniker “Priest” is also obscure…

Mechwarrior Parish "Priest"

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