Trooper Paul Wang

Pilot of the Dead Man's Hand


Trooper Paul Wang serves in the “Veruca’s Visigoths” Lance of the Iron Dingoes * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. He pilots a FLC-4N Falcon, and is presently a Green NPC Mech Pilot.


Trooper Paul Jacob Wang is a man seemingly lacking a strong sense of self-confidence. He has a great sense of humor, which at times, masks his fears regarding the rigors of military life. During infantry training, his comic retorts often break the tension of his instructor’s rhetoric. Paul is a huge sports fan and has developed a fondness for Heroditus’ Zero-G Ball team, the Devils.

Trooper Wang grew up with poverty on System – Claybrooke. He remembers waking up as a child with roaches over his body and on his face. These memories have turned into a hated/phobia against cockroaches and bugs in general. He despises his past poverty, and has continued to work hard at improving his status and personal wealth, having few vices and connections as a result, and choosing to live a fairly spartan lifestyle, something that has helped his acclimation to mercenary life aboard the somewhat crowded DropShips of the Iron Dingoes fleet.

When he grew older, he developed a desire to fly, and worked hard to get into the the pilot’s seat of a supply plane. His natural skill quickly displayed itself, and he piloted WorkMechs for Consolidated Foods serving as a back-up pilot for a couple years, before being captured in a raid by the (then) Snow Dusters. He quickly understood their point of view and was accepted by that unit, serving as a tech on occasion, but the closest he got to piloting was in the unit’s Jackrabbit hovercycles. When many of the Snow Dusters followed Commander Fionna Lord “Angel Frost” into “exile”, he managed to gain the pilot’s seat of one of their newly acquired “Keystone” SecurityMechs, and quickly took to learning its combat role. During his tenure on System – Dumassas, he was promted to the reserve BattleMech unit, * “The Dead Man’s Hand” and into a real Mech.

During his time on System – Heroditus, he developed a temporary inter-link relationship on the ChatterNet. He seems to be shy and reclusive, and judges things by the worth he assigns them, not on what other might judge them. For instance, being in love with someone he has never met is something that many others do not understand. He has begun to grown personally, having relationships with several other members of the unit, including Trooper Cooper Hawkes, his fellow lance-mate pilot.

Trooper Paul Wang

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