MechWarrior Robert Stuart "Prince"

Former member of the "Black Band"


Pilot of a war-torn WVR-6R Wolverine, MechWarrior Robert Stuart is a capable pilot, who traditionally does many of his own basic repairs. He is a Regular NPC Mech Pilot.

Stuart gained the nickname “Prince” for the “crown” his Mech wears, following a brutal smash to the head, when he failed to jump out of a four-story tower properly, and fell onto ground, savaging his Wolverine’s head. The repairs still look something like a crown. His tech’s painting of it gold hasn’t helped.

He was promoted to full “MechWarrior” status following the cadre contract on System – Dumassas.


A man of few words, MechWarrior Stuart prefers to allow his actions to speak for him. He dislikes being a MechWarrior, but acknowledges it is the only means of making a living with his family BattleMech. He is tall with an unruly set of red hair, which betrays his Irish heritage.

“Prince” a veteran of many combat missions under the Iron Dingoes banner, died on March 8th, 3026, during the assault on REAPER, in his Rattler (Mk 1) Mobile Fortress incarnation, in the deserts east of Midshield, in System – Gollere. He is missed.

MechWarrior Robert Stuart "Prince"

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