MechWarrior Teresa Agnes

Young MechWarrior Recruit


MechWarrior Teresa Agnes is the pilot of a PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk pilot serving in * The Blood Raiders.

A Regular Mech Pilot NPC, Teresa is noted as having an interest in languages, culture and is always found reading something. Remarkably resistant to disease and illness, she is not especially physical, though she completed qualifications in marksmanship and other required training to initially obtain the rank of Trooper.

Teresa is noted as being “thin, but not too small”, roughly 5’ 6" tall, with burning blue eyes and pale skin. Her hair has been described as silky and tar-black, which she tends to wear loose and long.


MechWarrior Teresa Agnes is the daughter of DeeDee “Scorch”, a soldier in the Command Infantry Platoon of * “The Dead Man’s Hand” and Paul, a paramedic in the same unit. A graduate of * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, Teresa is the first to take service as a MechWarrior from the unit’s internal training program.

Following their efforts during the Battle for Aurin Station (3023), during the unit’s San Isabel incursion, she was promoted to full MechWarrior. In mid-3023, she was assigned as a MechWarrior, filling-out the roster of the independent mercenary company * The Blood Raiders.

MechWarrior Teresa Agnes

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