MechWarrior Thomas O'Brien

Young MechWarrior Recruit


MechWarrior Thomas O’Brien is a talented PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk pilot serving in * The Blood Raiders.

A Regular Mech Pilot NPC, Thomas is brave, loyal and clever, and has the makings of a proven leader. He is typical for a young man his age, taking an interest in physical activities (such as soccer), and spends considerable amounts of his free-time learning about how his Mech works. He is not particularly fond of studying or school without a practical application.

Thomas is typical for a teen boy, 5’ 10" tall, and of average build. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with his hispanic mother’s heritage marking his appearance and speech patterns.


MechWarrior Thomas O’Brien is the son of a local Terramatrix holo-actress ( Lisa Rhodes ) and a technican ( Patrick ) recruited in System – Heroditus , though his mother is now a dependent, while his father serves in the * “The Dingo Pack”. He has two younger siblings, Martinez and Newt.

A graduate of * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, Thomas is one of the first to take service as a MechWarrior from the unit’s internal training program.

A fairly simple individual Thomas acts with an intensity that can be daunting. In particular, he always asks questions about his present situation, and then moves forward regardless of the task. He refuses to accept the status quo, and has learned and grown over the years.

O’Brien was promoted to full MechWarrior after the Battle for Aurin Station (3023), during the Iron Dingoes incursion into San Isabel. In mid-3023, O’Brien was assigned to fill the roster of * The Blood Raiders as a MechWarrior.

MechWarrior Thomas O'Brien

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