Trooper Tiffany Hines

Soldier of the Iron Dingoes


Trooper Tiffany Hines was a new hire, but had proven to be an exceptional athlete and skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Her proclivity towards extreme sports had pushed her to accept training in small arms combat, and she was rapidly improving.

Trooper Hines was a Regular Infantry NPC, serving in the Alpha Perimeter Security Platoon of “Cerberus Command”. She was also a valued member of * “The Werewolves”, acting as their “drop specialist” with skills in deploying in snow, at sea or even by parachute.

Trooper Hines died during the unit’s taking of the JumpShip The Starlight Seduction’s engineering section, and was instrumental in sneaking the Werewolves aboard during its capture. Her death was a blow to the small, but close unit.


Another young trooper hired on Heroditus, Tiffany was something of a “pretty girl” lured to join the Dingoes by the Danger Girls recent video footage and publicity. Still developing in her small arms skills, she was exceptional as an athlete, in basic martial arts and was trained in parachuting, mountain climbing and other “extreme” sports.

According to initial reports, she was private and kept to herself, but had no difficulties in the unit training schedules and had potential as a senior trooper given time.

Trooper Tiffany Hines

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